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The book sales are our main  source of revenue.  ​Also, donated "recently published" books are shared within all the Torrance libraries. Your books may become  part of the entire collection. All your  donations are appreciated; please remember that all items should be in good saleable condition.


​​For help unloading your donation and receive a receipt:

Contact us:  310-781-7595    Monday:  9AM-10:30AM

Donations to the Friends are tax deductible. Donation receipts  are available at the loading dock of the main branch.  We can  not assign a value to your donation but it is signed and dated.

What to donate

Hardcover and paperback books in good condition, audio books, video games, CDs, DVDs, Vinyl records, puzzles, and games.


We do not accept 

Computers, Printers, Magazines, Newspapers, Encyclopedias, Audio-cassettes, VHS tapes, or Laser Discs  

Where to donate

  Small donations are accepted at the library branches, inside the main library or at the bin marked "LIBRARY DONATIONS" on the driveway between the library and the pool.


  Large donations can be dropped off on Monday 9am-10:30am at the loading dock behind the Katy Geissert Civic Center Library located between the library and the pool.  Please call.

Friends of the Torrance Library
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