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Without volunteers, there would be no Friends of the Torrance Library. We are a diverse group. In our work lives, we  have been engineers, teachers, psychologists, secretaries, accountants, you name it. What we all share is a love of books and an appreciation of the importance of public libraries. We also enjoy the camaraderie of our fellow volunteers.


Volunteers are needed to sort, evaluate and prepare books for our sales, list higher value books on the Internet, and many other tasks. Many of our volunteers meet on Monday mornings, and, once trained, can also perform their tasks on other days.


Here’s a sample of ways you can help:


  • Sort books into subject categories

  • Box books ready for book sale

  • Manage specific subject areas (e.g., history, children’s, art)

  • Screen books for suitability for listing on the Internet

  • Research higher value books and list online

  • Process online orders and pack and ship

  • Staff our quarterly book sales

  • Restock the Friends books in the lobby

  • Help with the newsletter and/or marketing

  • Assist with the website and other online adventures

To join us, please fill out the library’s application form.


We need volunteers with no weight lifting restrictions to help with incoming donations.


Please e-mail us if you can help.

Friends of the Torrance Library
Friends of the Torrance Library
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